Welcome to the Mobile App Development I class page for the Winter 2016 session! This page will store everything you might while taking the class include class notes, useful, tools and resources.

Instructor: Brian McGuire

Class Schedule Edit

Session Date Topics
Session 1 1/12/2016 Android Introduction, Development environment setup
Session 2 1/14/2016 Genymotion and GitHub
Session 3 1/19/2016 Debugging Logging Toast
Session 4 1/21/2016 Layouts and Event Handlers
Session 5 1/26/2016 Activities and Fragments
Session 6 (same as above) 1/28/2016 Activities and Fragments
Session 7 2/2/2016 Snow Day - makeup date TBD
Session 8 2/4/2016 Files, Preferences, Gson Lists
Session 9 2/9/2016 Files, Gson, Data
Session 10 2/11/2016 Gson, List Views, List View Adapter
Session 11 2/16/2016 Editing and Deleting Items in a List
Session 12 2/18/2016 Publishing Android Applications

Resources Edit

Resource Description
Android Studio Official Android Studio page
Android SDK Instructions How to Add Android SDK Packages
Android Glossary Go here to find Android terms and definitions
Moto E Review 15 min YouTube video on the Moto E provided for the class
Genymotion Android Emulator
GitHub Recommended source code repository
Android Central Android News
Android Authority Android News
Android Weekly Free Android Newsletter - requires email registration


Project Name Description
Example Project Example Project page
Grace Project
JC's Project
Julia Kelly Mood Booster
JayL's Silicon STEM Project

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