Example Project - Budget Recipe Shopping ListEdit

Write a short description of what your smart phone application will do.  This example is for creating and managing shopping lists for specific recipes that also tracks how much you have budgeted and spent on your shopping.  Users will be able to create any number of recipe shopping lists and mark off when the lists or items on the list have been purchased or if they already have the item.  They can also compare what they expected to spend and actually spent while shopping.

Budget Recipe Shopping List - TerminologyEdit

This section will list the terminology specific to this project that will help readers unterstand the goal of the project and the data it users or displays.  This application works with recipes and shopping lists so we will describe them below.

Recipe A list of items that go into a recipe including a name, quantity and estimated cost.  Each ingredient will also be flagged with whether or not you have it in your pantry.  Each recipe will also have a type such as Snack, Entree, Desert, etc.
Meal Recipe List A list of the recipes you would like to make.  The user might have dozens of recipes and select a couple of apetizers, a main course and a desert to add to their active Shopping List.
Shopping List All of the ingredients from the selected Recipes that the user hasn't flagged that they already have.  When ever a new recipe is added to the Meals list, all of the ingredients not flagged as in the pantry are added to this list.  As items are purchased the user will flag these items which will remove the m from the list and mark them as in the Pantry.

Budget Recipe Shopping List - Use CasesEdit

Here we will list the 'Use Cases' for the application you plan to build.  Each 'Use Case' will explain the steps the user will go through in your app to complete a task.  Use cases are used in software engineering to describe the functionality of an application in an easy to understand way for users and testers.  Each use case is a sequence of steps where the user takes an action and the application responds to that action.  Everything you plan to have the application do should be listed in a use case, including opening the application.  When working on your user interface design you can reference the use cases to keep track of which features you have completed and which you still need to do.  Use Cases are a helpful way to design your application as they force you to think of how to break down a project into smaller features you can develop one at a time.

Use Cases
Use  Case Name Steps
Open the Budget Recipe Shopping List application
  1. User clicks on the app icon
  2. The Shopping List main screen is shown which includes the following
    1. A Shopping list of all Recipe items and their related recipe that need to be purchased
    2. A list of all Recipes stored in the application and the number of ingredients you don't have for each. Each recipe can be toggled on/off to determine if it's items should be included in the main Shopping List 
    3. A button to add a new recipe is also displayed.
  3. The user can select an existing Recipe Shopping List or Create a new one
Create a new Recipe Shopping list
  1. User clicks the 'New Recipe Shopping List' button
  2. The system shows the new shopping list including a field to the Recipe Name, the type of Recipe and a description.
  3. User enters Name, Type and a description and clicks save
  4. The system shows an empty shopping list with a button to add a new item to the shopping list
Add an item to the Recipe shopping list
  1. User clicks the 'New Item' button
  2. The system shows a form where the user can input the item Name, a Quantity,whether or not they already have the item, a Store Name and an Estimated Price
  3. The user fills in the fields and clicks save
  4. The user is shown the previously selected Recipe Shopping List with the new item included
Add a recipe to your shopping list
  1. User selects a Recipe from the list of Recipes they have previously entered
  2. All of the Recipe items are added to the Main shopping llist
  3. The user checks off items that they already have leaving only the items they need to complete the recipe in the Shopping List
Check off an item that has been purchased
  1. The user clicks on a shopping list item
  2. The system asks for optional information including actual cost and actual quantity
  3. The user enters the cost and marks the item as purchased

Budget Recipe Shopping List - User Interface MockupsEdit

This section will include mock ups of the UI that will be built while implementing the app.  The mockups can be drawn in Paint or taken from screenshots of the UI in Android Studio.

Screen Name Mockup
Main Shopping List View
Ingredient Entry

Budget Recipe Shopping List - Open ItemsEdit

This section will be a list of items that you still need to figure out or have questions about.  When you come across soething that you don't know how to do or an error that you are running across, capture it here so others can see and maybe help out.  

Open Item Description
Want to be able to text a contact the shopping list  Not sure how to generate a text message to be sent to one of you contacts so they can help you shop for your grocery list.

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